GESCO SUPPLY INC an independent American industrial group.

Our mission: sell technical products internationally and make our customers supply process easier.
Specialized in the supply of equipment for the fluid industry, we operate exclusively (100%) in the export areas.
We operate in 3 large sectors: Oil & Gas, Industry (especially food-processing industry) and Mines.
Thanks to our database of suppliers, a strong experience and vast industrial technical knowledges (pumping, valves and fittings, piping, mechanics, welding, boiler making, etc.), we commercialize and export global (grouping of diverse equipment), technical and specific solutions for the fluid transport industries.
We also design and manufacture customized plants, defined according to our customers' needs (pumping skid, compressed air skid, fire engine pump, offshore power generator and big powers etc.).
Our different logistics platforms and our teams are at our disposal to control, gather, pack and send the goods according to our customers' needs and requirements.
We manage the SCM from the factory to the industrial site where the material is installed.
Our technical skills, our reactivity and our sense of service are part of our major assets.

GESCO SUPPLY INC doing well and letting it be known!

International Export Specialist

Specialists with long experience in the distribution and manufacture of quality products. Gesco Supply Inc offers you a wide range of products selected according to your needs.

We ensure the grouping and control of supplies in order to simplify your procurement, as well as the delivery of your orders.

With the support of its main international banking networks, Gesco Supply has a department specialized in export financing operations.


GESCO SUPPLY INC a group present all over the world!

We are present in different countries:

  • Burkina Faso
  • Cameroon
  • Gabon
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Congo
  • Angola
  • Mexico