Logistics and SCM (Supply Chain Management) are at the heart of our concerns and business.

Our team is composed of experts who have for daily missions to take care of the good operation and monitoring of this chain, as well as the good delivery of the goods and equipment.

We receipt, control, gather, pack the totality of the goods purchased by our customers.

The shipments are carried out according to the 2020 INCORTERMS defined according to our customers and partners' needs.

Packing is made according to the standards in force (SEI IV - ISPM15).

Handling and transports are adapted to the nature of the goods and to our customers' requirements.

Regardless of the place of origin of the goods, our procedures remain the same.

This operation method enables us to have full control of this chain. It is also a quality guarantee that we offer to our partners by ensuring the good compliance of the materials, the quality of the packing and the respect of the contractual terms.

All these operations are organized and carried out in compliance with the laws and regulations dealing with international trade and the ones in force in the country of destination of the goods.

Our objective: Zero litigation
Our mission: Satisfy our customers' requirements